Criminal Record and Court Data Solutions

National, federal, state-wide and county court research you trust because Advon brings you close to the data when you need it most. We offer industry-leading turnaround times and competitive pricing, quality that you only get when you’re this close to the data. We've automated court data in over 1800+ jurisdictions across the United States and offer industry-leading turnaround times and competitive pricing-- quality that you only get when you’re this close to the data.

Differentiators That Matter

People, process and technology matter. No one but Advon Government Solutions covers the entirety of direct-sourced court data in the United States with the depth of clean, accurate and relevant data government agencies to mitigate risk and protect our country. No one else provides the insights you need when it comes to real-time order status, estimated completion dates and overall program metrics. And no one else, offers the level of flexibility and customization when it comes to client-driven guidelines on research and reporting. In other words, it takes Advon to really know someone.

Resume Verification

Beyond the manufactured profiles. Get to what’s real. When you need to know someone, you need Advon Government Solutions.

Not Your Ordinary Call Center

Advon’s state-of-the-art operations center is domestically based and staffed by professionally trained representatives who speak English as a first language. In addition, we have a scalable team of remote professionals throughout the U.S. to provide redundancy and overflow capacity handling to ensure you get your CV verification data when we promise you will.

There’s simply no one in the government background screening sector with the technology and operations that Advon offers to enable you to scale for volume and realize the benefits of efficiency.

Medical Compliance

Distinguish your business. Advon offers access to primary source data for initial screening and powerful continuous monitoring yielding fewer false positives and more up to date information.

MedEx Puts You Back in Control

We have the largest board action data set in the background screening industry and openly publish our sources, giving you complete transparency on where and how we conduct our searches. And Advon’s proprietary technology allows you to continuously monitor your healthcare workforce on an on-going basis through our population management platform hosted on Advon Connect.

International Data

Advon Government Solutions offers expansive global reach with local background screening expertise.

The Advon Difference in International Data

Advon has redefined the global screening process by maximizing efficiency and reducing complexity. We offer international reach that spans the globe, covering over 200 countries and a 5-day turnaround time in the top 20 countries ordered. 

Continuous Criminal Monitoring

The industry’s only real-time, continuous monitoring solution for arrests, incarcerations and bookings.

The Advon Difference in International Data

Let’s say that a government agency employs a staffer that gets arrested for corporate espionage or an analyst is arrested for embezzlement. You need to know now! While others offer periodic rechecks and data that could be months old, Advon’s platform provides a true continuous criminal monitoring solution based on continuous, real-time insights into workforce risk.